Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Zerofootprint Carbon Calculator

Zerofootprint is a Canadian company (with offices in Australia and the UK) dedicated to helping companies go green. One part of the organisation is Zerofootprint Software, which develops enterprise carbon management solutions for corporations and multinational organizations.

The company offers an Enterprise Carbon Management (ECM) hosted solution which calculates and monitors emissions from across a business. The software basis its calculations on up-to-date local and global protocols and conversion factors, which is one of the most daunting tasks for corporate footprint data capture and measurement.

It seems like an ideal solution for many companies who are still grappling with the problem of measuring their footprint across the business. Certainly what companies need is a quick, flexible, scalable, up-to-date method of calculation and Zerofootprint seems to be offering that, in a hosted form.

Whatever method is used, there's not much point in creating any emissions reduction targets until you have some benchmark to work from.

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