Friday, 13 February 2009

CDP Data Grows in Importance

At the launch of its 2009 information request the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) released some data about the investment companies that use the data they collect.

There are now 475 signatories, i.e. 475 institutional investors that have signed the information request sent out by CDP, up from 385 in 2008. A survey revealed that three-quarters factor climate change information into their investment decisions and asset allocations and of those 80% consider climate change to be important relative to other issues impacting their portfolio.

The survey findings revealed that:

• Four-fifths of respondents find CDP data useful and valuable

• Carbon risk and potential legislation are the primary motivators for utilising
CDP data

• CDP is the leading source of climate change information among respondents

• Corporate engagement emerged as the principal area in which investors are
currently using CDP data.

The point being that if the request lands on your desk then fill it in. To not do so risks damage to your corporate credibility.

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