Monday, 2 February 2009

Intel Tops Green Power Partnership Table (again)

The EPA Green Power Partnership has released its latest ranking of US organisations according to their purchases of green power. (Note that this is US organisations only, with energy sourced from US green sources. Also, green energy covers Renewable Energy Certificates (REC), on-site generation and green power supplied by utilities).

Anyway, Intel once again tops the list with 1.3 billion kWh of green energy purchased (primarily through RECs). It represents 47% of Intel's energy use in the US. Intel is closely followed by PepsiCo, which uses 100% green energy.

Things have changed somewhat behind these leaders, though, particularly for IT players. Last year Cisco was the second placed IT player with 374 million kWh purchased. This year the companies green power use is a little higher (386 million kWh), but has been easily overtaken by Dell, with 553 million kWh purchased, up from just 13 million last year. According to the rankings, Dell now buys 158% of its total electricity use from green sources. (No, I don't know how that works either, but it may be because the purchase figures are based on annualised contract amounts, not calendar year totals).

Further down the list their are other changes. AMD is in 19th place (of the Fortune 500 corporations included), HP in 22nd (with 50 million kWh purchased - the same as last year). IBM seems to have reduced its green purchases, with only just over 11 million kWh, compared with 110 million last year (which could be a matter of timing), whilst Apple continues to purchase 9 million kWh. Oracle and Yahoo are also in the top 50 (at 37 and 44 respectively).

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