Friday, 20 March 2009

Dell is the leading Green IT brand - GreenFactor

Strategic Oxygen conducted a survey for GreenFactor of more than 3,500 enterprise IT decision makers in 11 countries. The study also looked at 26 enterprise technology brands to asses their perceptions of green IT, products and marketing.

According to the study, Dell is the leading green brand among IT buyers mainly due to its recycling programme. Recycling was the top-ranked attribute sought by IT buyers. HP, IBM and Microsoft were noted for their energy efficient products and use of sustainable materials, while Apple held its position in the top five for designing products that are perceived to have a green look and feel (which just goes to show how powerful PR and marketing are).

GreenFactor's first study was in July 2008 and the new research shows some changes in brand rankings, with Dell at 30% moving to number one, replacing HP, which fell to number two at 26%. No single enterprise IT brand is a clear green leader globally (results are available by country surveyed) and there is little statistical difference between the leaders. The full results are available here.

Interestingly, GreenFactor says that the two surveys have identified two distinctive segments that IT buyers use to judge companies. Brand Product attributes include materials used, design and packaging, recycling, energy efficiency and a green image. Brand Operations attributes include having green facilities (manufacturing and/or data canters), using green shipping methods (e.g. non-wasteful packaging, efficient transportation), or leading in developing new green technologies.

To quote the press release 'IT buyers currently rank Brand Products higher than Brand Operations when making purchase decisions, but an IT vendors’ ability to effectively demonstrate environmental stewardship in both areas gives them a distinct advantage'.

This is a point I have been stressing for some time. Whoever you are, whether an IT hardware, software or services supplier, if you want to be successful in green IT then you need to demonstrate how environmentally friendly your own organisation is. But there are still companies that feel it doesn't apply to them (and software companies seem to be the worst).

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