Friday, 6 March 2009

IBM Offers Public Sector Green Consulting

IBM has added to its green IT services with the introduction of the Public Sector Energy and Environment Diagnostic, a consulting service specifically aimed at helping government organisations analyse energy and water use, assess waste management, evaluate overall environmental impact and develop improvement strategies. IBM developed the service to help US federal agencies comply with current requirements to be more efficient and cut costs in environmental, energy and transportation management operations.

The service is based on IBM’s Component Business Model approach. It breaks down organisations into logical segments such as finance, operations, etc. and provides an efficiency and environmental analysis of each segment. Areas for possible environmental improvement are prioritised through colour coding and IBM can help develop a strategy for implementing changes.

IBM now has quite a range of CSR-related consulting offerings, including the CSR Assessment and Benchmarking Utility, the Carbon Tradeoff Modeler, Green Sigma, Environmental Product Lifecycle Management, the Supply Chain Network Optimisation Workbench (or SNOW) and Strategic Carbon Management. The public sector diagnostic is designed to be used together with many of these other offerings.

Once again, IBM shows the way to go. Verticalisation is the way of the industry and the public sector is going to be at the front end of environmental moves as it increasingly sets the pace, particularly in terms of investment during an economic downturn.

My only reservation here is IBM's ability to fully understand the environmental issues and make the most effective recommendations. Of course the company has the capability of providing tools to measure and monitor energy efficiency and environmental impact, but to extrapolate this to recommendations is not necessarily straightforward. I don't know how IBM has developed its tools but I hope there was input from environmental specialists and would prefer to see a partnership in specifying actions. You wouldn't expect Greenpeace to advise you on your IT system.

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