Monday, 30 March 2009

Ricoh joins Eco-Patent Commons

Ricoh has joined the Eco-Patent Commons, an initiative coordinated by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in which participants pledge environmentally beneficial patents to the public domain. Ricoh's contribution is a technology that allows cartridges to be recycled safely by counting the number of times of use and alerting a user if a cartridge exceeds its duration limit.

Eco-Patent Commons was launched by IBM, Nokia, Pitney Bowes and Sony in partnership with the WBCSD based on a the commitment that anyone who wants to bring environmental benefits to market can use these patents to protect the environment and enable collaboration between businesses that foster new innovations. Almost a hundred eco-friendly patents have been pledged by nine companies, in a variety of industries, since the initiative was launched in January 2008.

Björn Stigson, president of the WBCSD. “By making their patents available in this way, companies are helping in areas such as energy efficiency and conservation, waste reduction and recycling. These latest pledges show that, even in financially difficult times, business has a strong commitment to contributing to a sustainable world.”

Member companies and the WBCSD invite other interested companies to become members of the Eco-Patent Commons and participate in this initiative promoting innovation and collaboration to help protect the planet.

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