Tuesday, 14 April 2009

China's local government told to buy green computers

China's State Council is insisting on a strict implementation of a green procurement list, according to the China Environmental Law blog. Previously there was a 'preferential' list that gave local governments some leeway to source other products if they could be justified on cost or energy-efficiency grounds, but because take-up was less than expected the flexibility has been removed.

There are nine types of products on the green procurement list:

* Refrigerators
* Room Air Conditioners
* Double Capped Fluorescents for General Service Lighting

* Self-ballasted Fluorescents for General Service Lighting
* Televisions
* Computers & Computer Monitors
* Printers
* Toilets
* Faucets

Purchasing must give priority to the products that appear on the various lists, but getting on to the list can be difficult for foreign companies, since they need certification under the energy efficiency labeling programme run by the China Standard Certification Center. There is a publication from the US Department of Commerce, International Trade Administration entitled “Clean Energy: An Exporter’s Guide to China” which may help those willing to take up the challenge.

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