Thursday, 16 April 2009

Free data centre cooling tools from The Green Grid

The Green Grid, a consortium of companies dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centres, has made available a free online tool and maps to help North American data centre and facilities managers determine how much outside air (free cooling) is available for individual data centers. The use of free cooling is a significant way of lowering energy costs in these facilities.

The Green Grid’s free cooling tool contains information from 2,186 weather stations throughout the United States and Canada. The database consists of all hourly observations taken during the period extending from 1999 through 2008. This count of hours is then divided by 10 (total years of data) to provide a result of the "normal" number of occurrences during a given year. The total number of hours of available free cooling will always range from 0 to 8760 hours.

Using zip codes, the tool allows users in the United States and Canada to input their specific variables - such as local energy costs, IT load, and facility load - to determine the energy savings for individual facilities. Members of The Green Grid will have access to a high-resolution graphical map of free cooling throughout the U.S. and Canada, while non-members can download a low-resolution version in the “Library and Tools” section of The Green Grid Web site (see below).

Given that The Green Grid describes itself as a global consortium, hopefully other countries will be covered in the future (or is this 'global' in the same sense as the 'World' Series?).

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