Monday, 13 April 2009

Green mobile base stations

The GSMA Development Fund has initiated the Green Power for Mobile programme to promote the deployment of green power solutions across mobile networks where conventional power is limited. To support its actions the organisation recently conducted some research which is published in a report entitled 'Green Power for Mobile: Top Ten Findings'. The report is here.

According to the Green Power for Mobile Programme, around 1.6 billion people live without electricity and a further 1 billion people live in areas where power is unreliable. To service these markets mobile networks have primarily used diesel generators for power, but mobile operators increasingly need a viable alternative to diesel, such as solar and wind power.

The GSMA programme is aiming to help the mobile industry use renewable energy to power 118,000 new and existing off-grid base stations in developing countries by 2012, which would save up to 2.5 billion litres of diesel per annum and cut annual carbon emissions by up to 6.8 million tonnes. Improved technology and cheaper green power solutions have made alternatives both more commercially attractive as well as more environmentally beneficial.

The programme has been established to promote the use of green power to help expand mobile networks into regions currently lacking coverage and to reduce the reliance on diesel consumption by operators. The organisation sees its role as evaluating the overall market and technical landscape, helping to find ways to finance the higher capital cost of green power base station deployments, and driving innovation within the green power industry particularly for small scale installations suitable for telecoms infrastructure.

Another example of industry leading the way in finding a win-win means to reduce emissions and promote business. In this case it would ideally be hand-in-hand with some manual means to recharge phones, which would have similar benefits (and how else if there is no electricity?)

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