Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Microsoft's CSR report

By contrast, Microsoft's 16 page pdf CSR report (Corporate Citizenship@Microsoft) looks a little thin. The section entitled Environmental Stewardship highlights four aspects:

- New Microsoft-owned facilities are designed to meet LEED Silver energy efficiency standards, consuming 20% less energy than traditional buildings

- At the US HQ a free bus service for employees is cutting out more than 3,200 tonnes of carbon emissions (6.7 million car miles) every year.

- Windows Vista is Microsoft's most energy-efficient operating system to date. According to the Natural Resources Defence Council, Vista could cut users' energy bills by more than $50 per PC per year, eliminating three million tons of carbon emissions.

- Unified communications help companies conduct virtual meetings online, hence reducing business travel.

It seems odd that there are no details of greenhouse gas emissions in the report (among other things), even though the company did report the figures in its CDP response last year. There is also no emissions reduction target, which wasn't in the CDP response and, as far as I'm aware, has only be mentioned in a recent corporate blog (which we reported on here).

Maybe there's information available elsewhere on the Microsoft web site, but if a company is serious about these matters then reporting needs to be comprehensive, transparent and easy to access.

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