Tuesday, 7 April 2009

More on smart grids

- EnergyAustralia, the country’s largest electricity distribution network, has announced an agreement with IBM for the implementation of an energy network monitoring and control solution. The Distribution Monitoring and Control (DM&C) project involves the roll-out of 12,000 sensing devices throughout the electricity distribution network, creating a smart grid.

The AU$3.2m deal is part of EnergyAustralia's initial investment of AU$170m in its smart network roll out. IBM's role is to design and build the IT architecture to support the project, in which sensing devices will connect with EnergyAustralia’s operational systems.

- While we're on the subject, British company Remote Energy Monitoring (REM) recently received Ofgem (gas and electricity regulator) approval for its smart Multi Mode meter. The meter apparently incorporates both smart hardware and software, providing "a complete metering, data and control solution".

I don't think it's the only one to be approved in the UK (the press release is a little cagey on the point) but there are a couple of points of interest. Firstly REM was founded in 2007 in partnership with Climate Change Capital, an investment banking group specialising in the low carbon economy, so it has a green pedigree. (Although the press release does go on to say that the meter development centre is in Australia, systems are developed in the UK and manufacture in China - lets hope emissions from travel and transport are kept to a minimum). Secondly, the press release came with a picture, so now we can see what a smart meter actually looks like.

Now you know.

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