Thursday, 2 April 2009

Viviane Reding - weekly video blog

EU Commissioner for the Information Society and Media now has a weekly video blog, which you can see here. It's good to see her using the medium.

This week she talked about Green IT, referring to the EU's Green ICT plan, which we reported on here. But she did add that in her view the ICT sector should lead the way for the rest of the economy by reducing its own carbon footprint by 20% by 2015 (ahead of the overall 20% by 2020 target). She does, though go on to say that "Europe is already well ahead in using ICT to green the economy, with some ICT companies already voluntarily working to reduce CO2 emission by 50 to 80%"

The potential target for ICT companies is, I believe, new, but I agree that they need to lead the way. IT has such a potential impact on the rest of the economy that IT providers really need to educate and encourage other businesses. In fact they should be active on all fronts, not just in business but in lobbying governments
and in other ways trying to influence public policy and educate the market.

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