Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Businesses take climate change stand

If you've read this blog regularly you may have seen my criticism of companies for not taking a stand on specific climate change-related policy. ICT companies will typically join groups of like-minded companies to collaborate on industry initiatives or lobby government around general policy. What is not common (indeed unknown, in my experience) is for a company to take a stand around a specific policy, for fear of upsetting a client or section of industry that could represent future business.

Well things may change. The Guardian reported yesterday that a group of UK businessmen have expressed opposition to the controversial third runway at Heathrow airport. These include CEO of DIY retailer Kingfisher, the head of Credit Suisse in the UK and Sainsbury's boss. More significantly, Charles Dunstone, of Carphone Warehouse 'Europe's leading independent communications retailer' and Jon Moulton, of private equity company Alchemy partners, which has an ICT focus, are also signatories to an open letter asking the UK government to reconsider their decision to allow the runway.

The group is looking for other companies to join them. If they get support then they will look to meet with government ministers to put their case.

It's a great opportunity for other like-minded ICT companies to stand up and be counted. Hopefully it will also start a trend of companies and leaders being more open in their support (or otherwise) of climate change policy.

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