Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Company news - Ericsson

Last year Ericsson committed to a 40% reduction in carbon emissions per subscriber in five years, starting with a 10% reduction in 2009. The target includes emissions from in-house activities as well as the life-cycle impacts of products sold.

According to the company's recent CSR report, annual CO2 per subscriber on Ericsson networks has fallen from 90 kg in 1992 to 20kg in 2008 for GSM and 55 kg in 2001 to 25 kg in 2008 for 3G users. But the company's most significant indirect carbon impact is from its products. In 2008, lifetime CO2 emissions from radio base stations and other products rose to approximately 24 Mtons, from approximately 22 Mtons in 2007, primarily due to an increase in the number of units produced. The chart shows the company's assessment of life-cycle emissions.

So limited success for Ericsson thus far, particularly since the emissions reductions goals have to be absolute if we're going to save the planet.

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