Friday, 22 May 2009

Green data centres

Following on from the previous blog, data centres are coming in for increasing focus for their energy use. There are already several organisations that are working on how to make them more efficient, notable The Green Grid, which announced in February its design guide for building and operating energy-efficient data centres. It's aimed at both new and refurbished data centres and will provide some sort of certification based on the Green Grid's own PUE (Power Usage Efficiency) and DCiE (Data Centre infrastructure Efficiency) metrics.

Legislation is likely to have the biggest impact, though. For example the EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres, published last October, may well be a forerunner of specific legislation. Perhaps more significantly, at least in terms of the data centre industry, will be more general carbon reduction legislation.

A few days ago Digital Realty Trust, 'the world's largest wholesale data centre provider' published the results of a survey into green data trends which it carries out each year. In the press release around the findings, the company's CTO, Jim Smith, is quoted as saying "What dominated last year's study was the need for clearer standards and best practices for green data centres. There has been significant progress in that area over the past year. By contrast, what dominates this year's study is companies' concerns about potential government regulation and how that would impact data centre operations."

The survey findings included:

- 69% of survey participants said they were extremely or very concerned about government regulation.

- 81% said that carbon credits are now part of their green IT strategy - compared to only 18% percent in 2008.

- 53% said that the industry now has a clear definition of what makes a datacenter green, compared to 82% in the 2008 survey who said that there was no clear definition.

- 73% of survey participants identified "energy efficiency" as the key aspect of a green datacenter.

I've been involved in several discussions in recent weeks about the impact of legislation on the sector, particularly the Carbon Reduction Comittment (CRC) which is fast approaching law in the UK. It's an emissions cap and trade system which is likely to be the forerunner of similar systems around the world. It will have an impact on almost every company with a data centre and has significant implications on data centre providers, both financially and in other ways.

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