Monday, 18 May 2009

US climate policy tracker

The New America Foundation, a not-for-profit public policy institute in the US has released an online tool that provides state-by-state information on carbon and energy saving policies being implemented across the country.

The State Climate Policy Tracker was compiled from publicly available information from the 33 US states that have actions in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Tracker is a spreadsheet with a tab for each state that has completed or is in the process of completing a climate action plan.

The measures in the Tracker are organized according to the economic sectors used by states in their planning:

- Energy Efficiency and Conservation (Residential, Commercial, Industrial)
- Clean and Renewable Energy, Energy Supply
- Transportation and Land Use
- Agriculture, Forestry and Waste Management
- Water
- Education
- Cross-Cutting issues (i.e. Inventories, Cap and Trade)

This looks like a very useful tool for those who provide the sorts of solutions that can help the states reach their goals.

More information and links to the Tracker are here. The Centre for Climate Strategies is another non-profit group which is helping state governments (across party lines) to help build agreement on climate action. The Centre for Climate Strategies (the source for the chart above) is here.

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