Monday, 29 June 2009

China Mobile - Green Action Plan

NYSE-listed China Mobile is the leading mobile service provider in China, with the world’s largest mobile network and the world’s largest mobile subscriber base.

The company is in the process of implementing a 'Green Action Plan' on various aspects of its operations. Based on China's goal of reducing energy use per unit of GDP by 20% compared to 2005 levels, the goal of the Green Action Plan is to increase energy efficiency (per unit of telecommunications traffic) by 40% by 2010 compared to 2005, thus preventing the use of 8bn kWh of electricity. This will prevent the emission of over 6.8 million tonnes of carbon dioxide, equivalent to around 2.7 million tonnes of standard coal energy or taking over 1.7 million vehicles off the road for a year.

The plan includes:

- Standardisation in buildings, equipment and design

- Using IP and 3G Technology in 2G Systems

- Green packaging and transportation standards

- Energy conservation for equipment

- 'Informationalisation', i.e. promoting the use of information services to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

- Environmental Protection by reducing emissions, increasing waste recycling, actively using renewable energy and promoting public awareness of environmental issues.

In its annual report for 2008, China Mobile announced that electricity usage per business unit has dropped by 11% compared with 2007, with 1.17bn kWh of electricity conserved. A total of 21,000 tones of steel were saved as a result of the adoption of standardised tower design and 2,135 green energy base stations are already in the network.

I guess China Mobile has a lot more to work with than other mobile operators, but it's nice to see China a focus for energy reduction. Targets are based on levels of business, though, and ultimately we have to get to absolute reductions.

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