Thursday, 18 June 2009

Green IT profiles from The Green IT Report

The Green IT Report (TGIR) today launches the first of a regular series of Green IT company profiles. These are in-depth examinations of the sustainable activities, particularly related to climate change, of major IT companies and also of vendors that have a specific green focus in terms of the software or IT service they offer.

If you are actively involved in green IT, want to understand what other companies are doing and who your competitors are, or want to identify potential partners, then these profiles will give you an inexpensive, in-depth head start.

If you’re an IT user and looking for environmental solutions or just want to assess current and future suppliers on their climate change credentials, then the profiles are a quick way to get all the information you need from one source.

The profiles are based on face-to-face meetings and discussions with the companies and are backed up by the in-depth knowledge and critical comment of the sector that has been available from this web site for the last 18 months. Each profile covers:

• Company background

• Approach to Green IT - internal organisation and structure around CSR, sustainability and climate change

• Internal actions - the extent to which the company is addressing its own carbon footprint and greening its products and services

• Market offerings - the market focus and details of the products and solutions offered to clients

• Strategy and performance - business generated through green IT and strategy moving forward

• TGIR comment - The Green IT Report's critical assessment of the company's strategy and performance in addressing climate change, both internally and for clients.

The first two green IT profiles are available today and cover Greenstone Carbon Management, the UK specialist carbon solutions company, and Infor, the global mid-market software supplier. Capgemini will be the next one off the blocks. All profiles are around 10 pages in length and competitively priced at £200 each (plus VAT where applicable).

The profiles are in pdf format and can be emailed on receipt of a confirmed order. For more details or to order a copy, call +44 1442 891 419 or email (The reports will be available via the web site after an upgrade later this year)

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