Monday, 29 June 2009

IBM's My Environment programme

IBM has launched an employee programme called My Environment designed to provide employees with information on how they can be more green in their personal lives, both at home and in their communities.

There are three elements:

- Employee education - offering employees information and tips on how they can be more environmentally responsible.

- Community involvement - providing employees with On Demand Community tools that they can use in their volunteer efforts. On Demand Community is an IBM initiative to encourage employees in volunteer activity by providing them with a set of technology tools targeted at non-profit community organisations and schools. It provides IBM employees and retirees worldwide with access to a web site which provides a range of solutions including online presentations, videos, web site reference links, software solutions and documents. New volunteer solutions are being created in collaboration with the Environmental Defense Fund, Solar One and The Nature Conservancy, all to be launch later this summer.

- Social networking - employees will be able to submit stories about how they have helped the environment and readers will be able to commit to taking similar action by clicking a button.

Sounds good. It certainly represents the sort of pro-active approach to addressing climate change in the community, which we have advocated in the past.

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