Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Intuit's Green Snapshot

A little late, but worth mentioning because it could be the first step to greening a large number of small businesses.

Intuit is the company that provides the financial management solutions, including the QuickBooks accounting software widely used by small businesses (and their accountants). It has recently introduced a free product to help QuickBooks users save money and go green (in that order in the publicity). It's free and works with all versions of QuickBooks desktop software.

The online solution estimates a company's carbon footprint based on the last 12 months expenses in QuickBooks. From the findings it also recommends actions to reduce the footprint. It can also create a Green Profile report that summarises the business's environmental footprint, commitments, and savings.

The software was developed with Cooler, a climate change software company who's methodology is backed by a number of environmental organisations.

It's great that small businesses are being given the opportunity to assess their footprint in this way. It may be fairly basic, but it would be a first introduction for many companies that would not have otherwise given it a second thought. But it's also astute of Intuit to get into the market early. Eventually the company's software will have to have this sort of functionality, so best to get in there before someone else does.

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