Friday, 19 June 2009

New EU-US Energy Star standards

The European Commission and the US EPA yesterday agreed to new, more ambitious specifications for computers, copiers and printers under the EU-US Energy Star Programme. The new criteria are effective from 1 July.

The EU Energy Star programme follows an agreement between the US Government and the EU to co-ordinate energy labeling of office equipment. The EU manages the European side and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which started the scheme in 1992, manages the US side.

The new specifications, covering computers and imaging equipment are expected to save 18 TWh and 4 TWh, respectively, in the EU alone due to purchases over the next three years. The savings will be achieved over the lifetime of the products, i.e. during four to six years. The potential total of 22 TWh electricity savings is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of Ireland.

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