Monday, 22 June 2009

Power Predictor launched

Here's another neat product with some potential.

It's a device that measures the amount of solar power and wind energy that could be generated at a particular site by home owners and businesses. The device measures both solar and wind energy as well as providing a report reviewing the most suitable products available, how to buy them, what the payback time will be and what carbon savings can be achieved.

Toby Hammond, inventor of the Power Predictor and managing director of Better Generation (which produces the device) said: “For most people, micro power generation is a step into the unknown. No one should spend thousands of pounds on renewable energy equipment without knowing the payback time based on the amount of energy they could generate at their premises.”

I think the critical word here is 'should'. If you've got any sense you'll use one of these to test the potential for renewable energy generation, but the £100 cost may just be seen as another expense.

And if it turns out that it's not a suitable site, what do you do with the device? It's not very green to just throw it away. Maybe it's more for suppliers of micro power generators. But then they won't want to lose potential customers ....

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