Monday, 1 June 2009

Trilliant buys SkyPilot

Smart grid company Trilliant has added broadband to its offering through the acquisition of SkyPilot Networks, a provider of long-range wireless mesh broadband equipment.

SkyPilot has a patented broadband wireless system that achieves high bandwidth and 100% coverage at low cost. The technology apparently delivers over 10x the bandwidth of cellular with low latency, over standard Ethernet IP connectivity and has already been used extensively to deploy wireless broadband applications in difficult environments.

The advantages to Trilliant of the acquisition are best summed up in a quote in the press release from Andy White, President and CEO of Trilliant; "As the Smart Grid evolves from simple advanced metering to a multi-application network, utilities are in search of a complete solution that reliably delivers high-speed functionality at a reasonable cost, regardless of geography and topology. Trilliant’s acquisition of SkyPilot will allow our customers to extend the Smart Grid to any device, anywhere, at bandwidth speeds and costs that are unmatched in the Smart Grid industry. This increased bandwidth, combined with SkyPilot’s outstanding range and coverage, opens up the possibilities for advanced networking applications that simply weren't feasible before."

There's a further quote from Jesse Berst, Founding Editor,; "Once the technology integration is complete, Trilliant will have the most complete broadband solution. And make no mistake; full broadband capacity is critical for the growth of the Smart Grid."

It looks like a good move for Trilliant, which now seems to be well-placed in the market with a more-or-less end-to-end solution already in place for utilities to take advantage of the smart grid boom that's coming.

What's interesting about smart grids is that they open up a whole new sector of IT infrastructure. Whilst the equipment and network suppliers themselves, such as Trilliant, stand to make big money from the move there will also be countless other solutions providers and integrators that will also benefit in the longer term. It's an example of a whole new green IT market (actually, it would probably have happened anyway, but would have taken far, far longer).

Even now there are those (in the IT industry) that still see smart grids as another expensive, government inspired white elephant. I know where my money is.

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