Monday, 13 July 2009

CRC Police

You have to believe that things are getting serious when the UK government sets up a special force to monitor adherence to the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), which comes into force next April. (Search for CRC on for some background).

It was always the case that there would be an enforcement element to the legislation and The Sunday Times (July 4th) reports that it will be a unit of about 50 auditors and inspectors with the powers to search properties, view power meters and get access to fuel bills and and carbon trading records. The unit, set up by the Environment Agency, will also be able to call on the agency’s network of hundreds of pollution inspectors.

It's expected that around 1,200 businesses will be audited every year. Initially company activities and energy bills will be examined (unknown to the company) and if it doesn't all add up then the unit will be sent in.

The best bit (and I'm not sure whether to believe this or not) is that the members of the unit will wear green jackets when they do their stuff, which summons up pictures of the 'boys in green' going in to enforce environmental law.

Most data centres in the UK will at least have to report emissions under the new law, so the green police could be a common sight in many IT departments and most IT services suppliers.

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