Monday, 27 July 2009

EDS and SAP collaborate on carbon accounting solution

EDS (now part of HP, of course) and SAP Australia and New Zealand announced last Friday that they will be providing a new carbon accounting solution which will help companies comply with the new Federal government emissions guidelines in Australia.

Actually, SAP launched its Environmental Compliance (EC) solution in 2008, although I suspect it was more of a framework than a solution at that time. This announcement seems to relate to a new collaboration between EDS and SAP, offering the EC solution specifically for the Australian market.

The solution will calculate, record and analyse emissions across the organisation and generate the data for regulatory reporting. EDS will provide its SAP expertise to integrate the solution into companies’ existing financial systems or provide a stand-alone, hosted version. (A lot of these solutions are expected to be hosted in one form or another, since this is essentially a compliance issue and companies will want to offload some of the need for in-house expertise to keep up with emerging national and international legislation).

It's an issue in Australia (as it will eventually be everywhere else) because of the planned 2011 introduction of an emissions trading scheme (the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme - CPRS). Underpinning the CPRS, Australia already has legislation in place around the reporting and dissemination of information about greenhouse gas emissions - the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) Act - which came into force last year and covers emissions, reductions, removals and offsets, energy consumption and production. This is what the SAP/EDS solution is aimed at.

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