Friday, 31 July 2009

Intel invests in green technology

Intel announced on Wednesday that it's putting up around $10m in investment in five clean technology companies in the US and Ireland. The investments include:

- First-time investment in US-based CPower (demand response and energy efficiency)

- Ireland-based Powervation (digital power control)

- US-based Convey Computer (energy efficient high performance computing)

- Grid Net (smart meter infrastructure)

- iControl (home automation and monitoring).

According to the press release, 'Intel Capital is focused on actively seeking and structuring investments in companies worldwide that are producing products and services in a variety of green areas such as energy efficiency, alternative power generation and storage, transportation and materials, with particular emphasis in support of Intel's Open Energy Initiative, helping foster standards-based, interoperable solutions'.

I could carp about the press release reference to 'The global nature of these five investments' (US and Ireland? Global as in the World Series, I guess), but that would be unfair, since 62% Intel Capital's $1.6bn investment in 2008 was apparently outside North America.

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