Monday, 6 July 2009

Orange videoconferencing service

Orange Business Services has announced a videoconferencing service that operates across all networks (IP VPN, Internet, ISDN) and any type of vendor equipment. Known as Open Videopresence it allows users to organise video conferences between their offices and also with external organisations.

The idea is to make video conferencing as simple as possible for the end user, so online reservation is available via a web portal or Outlook and the videoconferencing terminals of all participants start automatically at the set time of the conference.

Users can opt for a single point-of-contact in charge of the technical setup of meetings and their management, if preferred, and administrators can monitor usage online to keep track of the number of video conferences held.

There's a commitment to the quality of service - Orange tests the service from end-to-end, taking into account the equipment and network access. A multilingual support center is also available for users 24/7.

The Open Videopresence service is based on a package that includes the service and usage, ranging from €259 for moderate usage to €489 for high usage, per month and per equipment and depending on various custom-configurations. The service is available in 104 countries.

There's certainly a need to make videoconferencing simple and effective if it's really going to become a travel alternative and this service seems to be another step in the right direction. It does seem to focus in on the main issues, i.e. being easy for users and ensuring a quality of service. My guess is that this will be just one of many such services that will ultimately compete on price, to the user's benefit.

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