Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Samsung Eco Management

Samsung Electronics has announced a range of initiatives, known as Eco-Management 2013, aimed at reducing emissions from manufacturing, making products greener and establishing a range of green partnerships.

There are five specific aspects:

- Reducing emissions from manufacturing of semiconductors and LCDs. The target is to half the greenhouse gas emissions (normalised by sales) compared with 2008;

- Cut indirect emissions from all products by 84 million tons by 2013 by enhancing the energy efficiency of products;

- Ensure all products exceed global eco-mark standards;

- investing 5.4 trillion Korean won (c$4.3bn) in various initiatives including research and development, energy-saving technologies and the greening of facilities;

- Building environmental co-operation with suppliers and partners, e.g. around ISO 14001 implementation.

The company has been working hard on its CSR credentials as a whole and the diagram above shows the range of aspects it is addressing in its European operation, which is impressively comprehensive.

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