Friday, 24 July 2009

Tririga and Autodesk promote green solutions

Two software companies, Tririga, which provides facilities and real estate management solutions, and design software company Autodesk, are offering free products to help the move to a greener world. The approach is somewhat different, though.

Tririga has a solution called Tririga Real Estate Environmental Sustainability (Trees - I bet someone got a bonus for thinking that up), a suite of environmental sustainability software tools to streamline greenhouse gas reporting and environmental investment analysis.

The company has announced a free, limited-time offer for large- and mid-sized organisations that acquire the Trees Metrics software before the end of September. Trees Metrics tracks energy use, carbon emissions, water use, and waste from each facility and provides baseline metrics. It can also set thresholds to compare how each facility is performing against industry or organisation benchmarks and the software includes full reporting capabilities.

The hope is that the companies that take up the offer (the software is apparently worth $49,000) will move on to adopt other solutions in the company's portfolio.

It does reinforce the point, though, that this sort of sector-specific, add-on carbon counting software will increasingly lose its value. As is the case with all added features that become essential, they will ultimately become integrated into the base software offering and free to everyone. (The same cannot be said for the stand-alone, enterprise-wide carbon tracking and reporting solutions).

Autodesk has a different, slightly more altruistic, approach. It has introduced its Clean Tech Partner Program, which will give 100 early-stage, clean technology companies nearly $150,000 each in Autodesk design software.

Lynelle Cameron, director of sustainability for Autodesk said; "The Autodesk Clean Tech Partner Program is designed to accelerate innovation and leadership in the clean tech market. As part of our ongoing commitment to global sustainability, Autodesk will be working together with emerging clean tech companies to help bring their ideas to market faster and more cost-effectively."

Grant recipients will receive a bundle of up to five full licenses of a collection of six Autodesk applications.

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