Monday, 17 August 2009

California plans for climate change

Most green IT discussions and actions are around reducing carbon emissions, but there is also a considerable role for the industry to play in helping companies manage the inevitable impacts of global warming.

A reminder of this role comes with the release of a discussion document from California's Natural Resources Agency looking at how the state should adapt.

Called '2009 California Climate Adaption Strategy', the document looks at the latest science on how climate change could impact the state and provides recommendations on how to manage those threats in seven sector areas: public health; biodiversity and habitat; ocean and coastal resources; water management; agriculture; forestry; and transportation and energy infrastructure

The press release points out that California’s ability to manage its climate risks is dependent upon a number of critical factors including; economic resources, technology, infrastructure, institutional support and effective governance, public awareness, access to the best available scientific information, sustainably-managed natural resources, and equity in access to these resources. There's a lot of ICT in there and it's going to be the cornerstone of much adaptation around the world.

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