Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Carbonetworks launch

Last week Carbonetworks launched its Software as a Service (SaaS) Performance Management Platform. It's designed to help companies conduct energy, greenhouse gases (GHG) and sustainability initiatives.

The platform includes three solutions:

- Carbonetworks Carbon Information Manager for measuring and reporting on GHG, energy, waste and water usage

- Carbonetworks Enterprise for scenario planning, risk assessment, forecasting, etc.

- Carbonetworks Connect, which helps in creating measurable sustainability initiatives and also connects companies to partners who can help them achieve the targets.

In the press release Keith Modesitt, Director of Product Management for Carbonetworks, is quoted as saying “The Carbonetworks Performance Management Platform allows our customers to move beyond compliance reporting and create actionable strategies for managing carbon, GHG, energy, waste and water.”

This is certainly the way this competitive market is going. Just counting carbon is not going to be good enough, the scenario planning will be essential and pulling in waste and water is added value. Carbonetworks is a leading 'pure play' carbon management solution provider but there's lots of competition and much pressure will come from the ERP/finance solutions providers (SAP, Oracle, etc) who will be building out their own offerings.

Interestingly, the company also announced a consulting service, Carbonetworks Professional Services (CPS), to help customers "understand current carbon reporting compliances like the UK’s Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), while helping them solve immediate technical problems such as data migration or interoperability and preparing them for future platform updates". I can't really see this as a long-term opportunity. The software should be counting the carbon, understanding and complying with legislation has to be an internal function in the longer term, and data issues are down to the IT department. But I guess lack of knowledge and awareness will generate business in the meantime.

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