Wednesday, 30 September 2009

The Carbon Show

Went to the Carbon Show in London’s Docklands yesterday. It was (is – it continues today) a small exhibition which is also running a number of seminars about all things green (primarily business-to-business).

It was put on by a large magazine group and, one suspects, was a rather tentative affair. More than one person I met stumbled on the event by chance (as I did). But it was well attended and interesting. It’s encouraging to be in a forum where the primary focus is the ways and means to combat climate change and I would be prepared to bet that if they run a similar event next year it will be in a much larger venue.

Points of interest:

- I estimate that 20-25% of all the exhibitors were primarily IT solutions available to help companies manage carbon emissions in some form (counting, managing, trading, etc.) and more companies probably had some green IT tools available.

- Most of the IT solutions were from suppliers that didn’t exist two or three years ago. The only big software name was CA (which announced yesterday that Tesco, the leading UK supermarket, had chosen CA’s ecoSoftware to help its long-term commitment to reduce its carbon footprint by 50%).

- Interesting products included Carbon Hub, a carbon management solution particularly focused on complex organisations, such as the public sector, where user tie-in is an issue. Also CO2 Benchmark, a company selling a database of information on corporate emissions management projects and achievements which can be used to benchmark efforts (apparently with much more information than the CDP has).

- The feedback I got is that IT departments have money and are buying solutions to help manage climate change issues.

- But IT departments don’t want to deal with companies that are also selling consultancy (and there were a lot of consultancy companies at the event).

- There are also more VP/CXO people involved in the decision-making process.

- The Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC) is still causing some problems because of its complexity and the public sector is having particular problems.

I also learned a lot more about the current state of the carbon offset market, which may temper my inherent criticism!

If you’re in London, it’s worth a visit.

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