Wednesday, 23 September 2009

DataCentre 2020

To coincide with the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) event in Munich last week, Intel and T-Systems opened their DataCentre (actually DataCenter) 2020 Test Lab.

The lab was designed by the two companies as a vehicle to develop data centre best practices, which initially means efficiency, particularly around cooling.

The data centre is small – 70 square meters with 180 servers in racks – but features include depressurised air at 10K feet altitude, raising and lowering ceiling height, smoke system to track air circulation, cold aisle containment cabinets, water cooled rack for cross comparison and floor tiles that allowed for acute control of airflow.

It’s also equipped with the latest energy and climate change measurement and control technology and with around 50 sensors measure humidity, temperature, temperature difference between supply and exhaust, processor load or fan speed, etc.

There’s more at, but at the moment it’s in German – an English version is promised (or you could use Google to translate).

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