Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Logica’s smart transport focus

Logica is demonstrating a number of its intelligent transport offerings at the 16th annual ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) World Congress, which started yesterday in Stockholm.

Transport is one of of the areas that Logica has identified as a sector-specific, high-growth opportunity for European IT services. ‘Smart’ invariably means greener and in Logica’s case it’s addressing five areas of sustainable mobility; infrastructure charging, smart travel, smart logistics, dynamic traffic management and eco mobility.

On show at ITS are:

- The EMO advanced vehicle emission control service, which allows drivers to analyse and alter their driving practices to achieve more cost efficient and environmentally-friendly driving habits.

- A service called Crimson that offers intelligent auto insurance premiums that help to control vehicle usage. Insurers can calculate individual risks, and hence appropriate premiums, by gauging dynamic, individual driving factors such as distance, speed, location and time (peak/off peak hours).

- Logica is working with the EU on CVIS (Co-operative vehicle-infrastructure systems), a dynamic traffic management system. As the name suggests, it’s based on in-car and infrastructure technologies that will enable vehicles to communicate with each other and the transport network to create intelligent, co-operative vehicles that can maximise transport network use.

As Cees de Wijs, Group Director of Transport and Logistics put it “The transport industry is at a crossroads; it must change if it is to overcome the challenges associated with climate change and globalisation. Only if a sustainable transport model is put into effect can the industry continue to meet demand while reducing costs and its carbon footprint. Technology undoubtedly plays a pivotal role in the creation of a sustainable transport model.”

I’m impressed by Logica’s activities in this market. The company is also active in the smart grid field, but then so is everyone else. In transport, Logica seems to have been quietly building some interesting capabilities in what will undoubtedly be a significant market. It’s not going to reap huge benefits immediately, but it means the company is well placed for the future.

It’s also, of course, another significant area of green IT.

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