Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Siemens smart grid expectations

In a press release last Friday Siemens said that it wants to win smart grid orders worth over €6bn by 2014.

The company anticipates that orders for smart grid technologies will reach nearly €1bn in the current fiscal year. Wolfgang Dehen, CEO of the Siemens Energy Sector, is quoted as saying that “The smart grid market will see increasingly dynamic growth fueled by climate change and economic stimulus programs. We want to grow twice as fast as the overall market”. The company estimates that the smart grid market it's addressing will total around €30bn over the coming five years and Siemens is aiming at 7% annual growth and a market share of over 20%.

Siemens sees the smart grid market as having three main components: smart metering (intelligent billing), grid intelligence (the grid infrastructure and its controls), and utility IT (intelligent data management), and the company is active in all three areas and claims to be a global market leader in grid intelligence.

As we reported recently, Siemens will strengthen its portfolio in the field of power data management with the acquisition later this year of a 60% stake in Energy4U and its consumption data acquisition and billing solutions. (I would expect to see more acquisitions in the future).

Smart grids are part of the Siemens Environmental Portfolio, which the company says generated revenue of nearly €19bn in fiscal 2008, around a quarter of the company’s total revenue. The company claims that this makes it the world’s largest infrastructure provider of environmental technologies (a pretty broad and imprecise market description, though).

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