Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Sprint smart grid support

Just to round off this spate of smart grid coverage, telecoms company Sprint Nextel recently put out a press release detailing its offerings in the market. The company expressed its intention of playing a role in US smart grid developments, the focus of the US Department of Energy's Smart Grid Investment and Development Grant Programs (part of the stimulus funding package).

The company is supporting customers in the power sector with some of the underlying requirements of smart grid initiatives, including advanced communications, information technology, distributed sensing and data management, all of which can help with grid reliability, optimised energy delivery, consumer control and minimising environmental impact. Key areas include Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition), Demand-Response (DR) Distribution Management System (DMS) and M2M (machine-to-machine) applications.

Sprint also pointed out that it's involved in several environmental programmes including:

- Use of hydrogen fuel cells as back-up power to cell sites (which we reported on earlier in the year).

- Wireless recycling. Since 2001 the company has collected more than 17 million phones, with a goal of achieving a 90% recycling collection rate by 2017 - in 2008, the company's wireless recycling collection rate stood at 34%, apparently three times the national average.

- Eco-friendly products and services. Sprint recently announced the availability of Samsung Reclaim, the first phone in the U.S. constructed from eco-friendly bio-plastic materials and 80% recyclable. Sprint also says it's the first major U.S. wireless carrier to offer a solar-powered cell phone charger.

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