Monday, 21 September 2009

Sustainability in business

The Boston Consulting Group and MIT Sloan Management Review have reported on a survey into sustainability and business strategy. In all 1500 executives were contacted, plus another 50 in-depth interviews with ‘global thought leaders’. A report on the findings, under the title of The Business of Sustainability, is available here.

The Executive Summary draws the following conclusions:

* Sustainability is having an impact on the way that companies behave – 92% of respondents said their companies were addressing the issues in some way.

* Sustainability is a continuing focus, despite the downturn – only 25% said their commitment had decreased.

* The majority thought that their companies were not doing enough to exploit the opportunities and address the risks of sustainability – less than 30% had a clear business case.

* Some companies are aggressively addressing the issues and reaping the benefits.

* Those with experience of the issues had a much broader view of sustainability (and hence the opportunities and risks).

* The biggest drivers are legislation, consumers and employees.

* Sustainability will become increasingly important, as will the risks of doing nothing.

On the subject of drivers, the report has this interesting graphic which shows the various pressures that businesses are responding to:

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