Tuesday, 27 October 2009

CA launches new ecoSoftware tools

CA Software supplier CA has announced new tools for its sustainability management ecoSoftware suite, which is aimed at helping companies better manage energy use and carbon emissions. 

The two new products are:

- CA ecoGovernance 1.5, a carbon and sustainability management software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution (as most emission management solutions are) which provides visual tools for better control over enterprise-wide sustainability initiatives. It also includes project management capabilities, tracks progress against business objectives and has an automated survey assessments for use internally and externally.

- CA ecoMeter 1.5, is an operational energy management solution. It captures energy-related information from devices within the data centre and other facilities to allow energy consumption to be related to specific devices, business units or buildings.  It also helps to monitor the savings from server consolidation and virtualization.  It sounds like the sort of solution that you would expect all data centre managers to adopt in the coming years if they really want to keep on top of emissions.

The ecoSoftware suite as a whole was recently accredited by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) for conforming to the CDP’s reporting standards.  These additions should help the company’s strong push into this expanding market.

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