Thursday, 15 October 2009

EU green research portal

Last week the European Commission launched SETIS, the online Strategic Energy Technologies (SET-Plan) Information System. 

The terminology is a little confusing (as is often the case from the EU), but basically the Commission has a strategic plan to accelerate the development and deployment of low carbon technologies. It covers planning, implementation, resources and international cooperation in the area of energy technology.  SETIS is the online portal that provides the latest research results on the status, forecasts and R&D investment figures for low-carbon technologies.

The analyses cover the technologies identified by the SET-Plan and proposed as European Industrial Initiatives (wind, photovoltaics, concentrating solar power, bio-energy, carbon dioxide capture and storage -CCS-, smart grids, nuclear fission), two ongoing Initiatives (fuel cell and hydrogen and nuclear fusion) as well as others with great potential such as, ocean, geothermal power and energy storage. Demand side energy efficient technologies are also included.

The SETIS information and data is split into two areas.  Technology Maps are an analysis of the status and prospects of low-carbon technologies. The Capacities Maps (see below) monitor R&D efforts made by the industry and the public sector in Europe on key low-carbon technologies. SETIS also provides an energy production cost calculator that allows users to compare costs of production for different technologies over the time (up to 2030).


There’s an impressive amount of information on the site (which is here).  It looks like an invaluable resource for anyone that needs to know the what, when and how of low-carbon energy provision in Europe.


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