Monday, 16 November 2009

BCS collaborates with The Green Grid

BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, and The Green Grid, have agreed to work together in the areas of data centre energy efficiency, research, and best practice.

As readers will know, The Green Grid is a global consortium addressing energy efficiency in data centres through recommendations on best practices, metrics, e.g. the well-known PUE/DCIE, and technologies.  BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT, is, confusingly, one organisation.  Originally known as the British Computer Society – shortened to BCS – it now seems to have adopted a second name as well.  It’s the professional membership body for IT in the UK, although it seems to be looking for a wider voice.

Anyway, the idea is that the two will work together on a framework to improve the effectiveness of research into tools, metrics and best practice.  The two organisations have agreed to:

  • Help shape the energy efficient technologies and strategies of the future

  • Jointly establish relevant programmes to promote energy efficiency

  • Give mutually reinforcing, clear and coherent messages to the industry, where appropriate

  • Make a joint external announcement of the values and aims of the collaboration

  • The BCS is already active in Green IT.  It has endorsed the EU Data Centre Code of Conduct and in January it announced that it was developing a qualification for data centre operators based on the Code, which is apparently now being piloted.

    My concern is that BCS, The Chartered Institute of IT, seems to now be treading on the toes of Intellect, the UK IT industry trade body, which has had an active Data Centres group for some time (I went along to one of their discussions on the CRC and its impact).  What we don’t want is a proliferation of organisations with different approaches to addressing the issues.

    How about Intellect and the BCS getting together around Green IT?  After all, Green IT is one area that really needs both company policy and the support of the individuals at the coal face to be truly effective.

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