Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Logica’s ‘game-changing’ green solution

Logica The Economist has included Logica’s EMO emissions monitoring system in its list of ten innovative solutions to combat climate change.  Logica is due to present the solution at The Economist’s Carbon Economy Summit in Washington, which ends today.

EMO is a system that monitors vehicle emissions in real time.  It uses a plug-in device connected to the vehicles computer to transmit emissions data to a central office.  The idea is that data from EMO can be used to offer differential fuel pricing to the vehicle driver - if driving behaviour is green, petrol stations can offer fuel at a lower price. 

GBS Bindra, Global Innovation Director, Logica, said, “EMO is truly a solution that can help every individual to make a positive impact on climate change. We are working with governments, regulatory bodies and oil retail companies in a collaborative frame work to create an ecosystem where EMO, coupled with progressive policy-making, drives the overall societal good.”

It’s important for ICT suppliers to keep pushing these big ideas.  Innovation is going to be more important in addressing climate change than anything else, so companies need to show their thought leadership.  Apart from showing commitment, it also means you’re best placed for the significant rewards when one of these economy-wide projects is adopted.  Which they surely will – maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon …

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