Thursday, 19 November 2009

New sustainable asset consulting service from IBM

IBM Logo 2 IBM has introduced a consulting service, called Sustainable Asset Analytics, to help clients manage facilities, supplier performance, carbon data collection, asset lifecycle maintenance and supporting activities.

The service addresses the waste and emissions from poor planning and maintenance, inadequate energy management, the heating or cooling of unused space and the inability to collect and analyze operational information. “Buildings alone are a source of huge waste and inefficiency, accounting for 70% of all energy use and 38% of all carbon dioxide emissions in the US,” according to Rich Lechner, energy and environment vice president for IBM. “Squeezing out that inefficiency and cost requires new ‘smarter’ technologies and business analytics.”

The company cites the case of Natural England, an independent public body that advises the UK government on the environment.  The organisation has apparently already reduced CO2 emissions by 25%, with a target of 50% by next year, as the result of implementing, with the help of IBM, a detailed carbon reduction strategy and plan for travel, property, information technology and procurement. 

Basically, this is pulling together IBM’s existing capabilities including the Maximo Property Performance Management Solution software, the Green Sigma consulting offering, Strategic Carbon Management, and the BI/analytics tools from Cognos.  So there’s nothing really new here, but IBM is a past master at repackaging services and solutions and marketing them very effectively.  You can only really do that if you have the portfolio to call on in the first place, and IBM certainly has that.

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