Monday, 9 November 2009

NSN launches Energy Solutions

image Nokia Siemens Networks  (NSN), the mobile network infrastructure business, has launched a range of energy efficient solutions aimed at reducing the power consumption of telecoms networks.  The company claims it’s the first complete offering for operators of new and legacy telecommunications networks.

NSN’s Energy Solutions consists of six elements aimed at different market requirements; Energy Modernisation, Off-Grid Site Solution, Bad-Grid Site Solution, Energy Efficiency Consulting, Green Energy Control and Energy OPEX Management

The company cites several benefits from the services and it’s no real surprise, given the current economic climate, that green ICT is not top of the list:

1) Increased energy efficiency means lower operating costs.  The company points out that the proportion of operator OPEX that goes on energy ranges from 10% in developed markets to 30% in developing markets.  In all, 86% of a mobile operator’s energy consumption occurs in the network infrastructure.

2) Networks are expanding into areas where there’s no electricity supply or the supply is not good enough.

3) Last in the list of benefits is climate change, with communications service providers needing to reduce CO2 emissions.

As energy acquires a cost, points 1 and 3 are likely to merge into one, but currently the fast payback in reduced total cost of ownership seems to be the driving force behind these new services.

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