Sunday, 1 November 2009

SAP puts sustainability in its EcoHub

SAP has announced an online marketplace for sustainability solutions.  It’s part of the SAP EcoHub, a web resource for customers to find solutions from SAP and its partners.  The move follows on from an announcement back in April that the company and some key members of its ecosystem were forming a new Green IT community.

The interactive sustainability map for the EcoHub is designed to provide a clear view of the sustainability/Green IT solutions and services available from SAP and its partners.  All the solutions are certified by SAP.  By clicking on an area of interest on the map customers can find out more about (and buy) the solutions and services on offer to help them with their sustainability strategy.

SAP lists a number of partners helping it produce sustainability products and services, including Accenture, Atos Origin, Carbon Development Project, CSC, Deloitte Consulting LLP, EMC, ENFOS, IBM, Linx/AS, Nakisa, NetApp, PROLOGA, SmartOps, StreamServe, TechniData and VMware.



Long-term readers (and there’s quite a few of you out there now) will know that I’ve had my reservations about SAP’s green IT efforts in the past.  For an IT supplier providing core systems to many corporations the company seemed slow and complacent in addressing the market.

But this year SAP has been much more pro-active in its approach, announcing a long term strategic focus on sustainability.  The approach has included acquiring Clear Standards, a US company providing enterprise carbon management solutions, working with the CDP on a new reporting system and the company has endorsed the Copenhagen Communiqué on Climate Change.   

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