Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Sustainable product development software

Sustainable Minds, a greener product design software and services company, has released Sustainable Minds 1.0, a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution for creating more environmentally sustainable products.  

The solution integrates software with educational content to help with product design and to measure the potential environmental and human health impacts.  The life cycle assessment is based on the Okala Methodology, which evaluates 10 environmental impact categories in the areas of ecological damage, human health damage and resource depletion.  The software provides quantified performance metrics to help the design decisions.

Sustainable Minds 1.0 can be used to assess the impact of an existing or new product and can also be used alongside CAD tools. It interoperates with any CAD or PLM system.


09-11-03 Sustainable Minds

The software is optimised for electro-mechanical products, including household appliances, consumer electronics, industrial and commercial equipment, etc. It’s aimed at product designers, engineers, product managers, marketers and sustainability leads in manufacturing companies and consultancies.

This is another example of a new product embracing the increasing environmental demands of its target market.  Established CAD and PLM suppliers will also be addressing sustainable requirements, but experience suggests they won’t be the quickest to respond.  Sustainable Minds may well fall to a larger, slower competitor in the long run.

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