Thursday, 10 December 2009

Ecosia – green search engine

Ecosia is a search engine, backed by Yahoo!, Bing and WWF, that’s using all its sponsored advertising revenue to help save the planet.
Full details are in the video below, but the basic idea is that rather than the revenue from the sponsored links in search results going into the coffers of the search companies, it’s used to help protect the rainforest.  Ecosia is a private company, with Yahoo! and Bing providing the search capability and WWF uses the income for its rainforest protection programme.

Rainforest protection is an important ecological issue, with deforestation causing around 20% of all global CO2 emissions (according to the company).  Ecosia estimates that the revenue from each search can help save two square metres of rainforest and with the average internet user making 1,000 searches a year (I must be doing a lot of other people’s), then each Ecosia user can save 2,000 square metres of rainforest a year.
The chart below shows how usage has been growing since its very recent launch.  It obviously has huge potential.  You can help.

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