Thursday, 31 December 2009

Energ-IT project examines data centre energy use

A project called Energ-IT has been set up in Italy to develop solutions to reduce power consumption in data centres.  The project is financed by the regional government of Lombardy and the project members are Milan’s Technical University, systems integrator Beta 80 Group, Enter (I don’t know who they are), and IT performance company Neptuny.

The project has three goals:

• To identify ways to reengineer legacy systems to make them more green, rather than replace them.

• To measure the energy savings made.

• To compare those savings with the main market solutions using a test data centre with state-of-the-art energy saving technology.

Apparently, the initial findings were discussed in a workshop in Milan in early December organised by the University and the European Commission.  It covered the intermediate results and discussed paths and tools to develop future Green IT strategies.  It seems that Gianluigi Castelli, chief information officer at ENI S.p.A, Andr√© Richier, principal administrators of the European Commission, Pierre Chastanet, officer of the European Commission, and Roger Johnson, past president of the British Computer Society.

It all sounds very interesting, but the only information I can find doesn’t give any details of the findings.  It only seems to be Neptuny that has published any information about the project and a big chunk of that is a plug for the company’s tools for predicting data centre power consumption.

Hopefully more information will emerge - but it’s a bit odd for a Italian university project funded by local government money and with the EC involved in a workshop on the findings not to publish something somewhere.  As I’ve said before, in the realm of green IT (indeed all things green) sharing information is important, more so if it’s publicly funded.

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