Sunday, 13 December 2009

The need for Copenhagen

As a reminder of why Copenhagen is important, some bad news from the last couple of weeks:

- According to a report called ‘The Federal Energy Domain’ from FedSources, US federal government energy consumption is set to rise from $21.2bn in fiscal 2009 to $28.8bn in 2010, a 36% increase.  A major driver is war spending, with the Department of Defense the highest spender, followed by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the US Postal Service.

- According to an interesting short report from Carbon Retirement breaking down the money spent on offsets via the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), typically just 27.6% is actually used for capital expenditure and project



- A Harris Poll in November revealed that the proportion of people in the US that believe that the release of carbon dioxide and other gases will lead to global warming has dropped from 71% two years ago to only 51% now.

Actually I’m not really surprised by the last statistic given the level of disinformation ranged against them.  I’ve had several invitations in the last week to avail myself of ‘Internationally Known Climate Change Speakers/Expert Commentators Available For Interviews’ – all climate change deniers.

There was a great article on the subject in The Guardian in the UK on Saturday – take a look.      

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