Friday, 11 December 2009

SAP brings CDP data to the iPhone

It’s now possible to see how companies in different geographies and industry sectors are tackling climate change while you’re on the move, thanks to SAP bringing CDP data to the iPhone.


Roambi provides the platform for displaying the data and on its web site it shows several samples.  One data set shows the levels of CDP disclosure of FTSE 350 companies by various industry sectors and another by countries.

What I found most interesting, though, was the data set showing company emissions by activity and region, with SAP being the sample data, and also the monthly energy use for specific locations around the world.

So my first impression was, why on earth would you want this on an iPhone?  (I haven’t got one so I’m not really qualified to comment). My second impression was that this is interesting data and well presented - good to browse.  But finally it comes down to what you want to use the data for.  The CDP is an invaluable source of benchmarking and comparable data on CO2 emissions, but it’s useless just having the raw numbers without some background information.  Just looking at the SAP data by facility raises more questions than it answers.  Why is there so much month-by-month variation in energy use?  Why is more energy used in summer than in winter in London.  I can think of possible reasons, but this app doesn’t tell you.

Looks good, though, and isn’t that what the iPhone’s mainly about?

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