Thursday, 7 January 2010

Green business process simulator

Lanner, a company that provides technology to support business process improvement, has added sustainability parameters to simulation software

The company has launched a new edition of its Witness ‘Power with Ease’ software, its flagship process simulation solution.  It’s designed to help businesses simulate options and make operational decisions to maximise performance levels whilst reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

The Witness solution apparently allows users to choose the most relevant metrics for modelling, be it emissions levels or energy type, in whatever units are required.  The results can be compared with business performance to create the optimum balance with environmental impact.

Basically, this is a stand-alone product aimed at the top end of the Carbon Emissions Management Software (CEMS) market.  This is the green ICT sector that is coming increasingly into focus and expecting dramatic growth in the next few years (as my last two blogs indicate).  It’s no real surprise, then, that we will see a short-term fragmentation of the market – Lanners solution is part of that fragmentation.

CEMS covers a multitude of capabilities, from carbon counting, monitoring, managing, modelling through to trading and offset management, with variations for company sizes.  There will be different flavours for different industries and solutions will come as stand-alone packages, modules for enterprise solutions and in a software-as-a-service form.  Fragmentation is inevitable as companies fight for a slice of the action in a new market, but with rapid adoption, particularly if driven by legislation, it will mature and consolidate fairly quickly.  It’s going to be quite a battle ground for suppliers.

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